It's nice to meet you

Welcome to my small family-run company! We're happy to see you here. I like to think we're pretty fun to be around but in reality, you're just here because we make good tea. Although the business is the first generation, I don't think it could have ever happened without the other two generations. My Mom and Oma are often helping me behind the scenes.

Growing up I always suffered from food allergies and IBS. I was constantly living in discomfort. I have so many memories of my Oma making me a warm peppermint tea to help soothe the pain. I just remember her sitting with me telling me stories to help the time pass quicker. When starting Kenneth Ave I wanted to create a company where other families can create these lifetime memories. Hopefully without the food allergies and IBS.

It was also important for me to create a safe spot to share how you're feeling and hopefully educate someone on herb health as I continue my journey. Starting a journey in herb health can be intimating with all the different varieties and unique names. It was my goal to create Kenneth Ave, a stress-free zone allowing you to find what best suits you.